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Computer big data modeling system based on finite element mathematical equation simulation



In the traditional computer analysis system, the equipment is cumbersome and takes up space, and is gradually being eliminated by the market. In view of the characteristics of small size, large throughput and high precision of computer systems in the era of big data, in order to solve the phenomenon of swell disasters induced by high-speed moving landslides, debris flows and glaciers impacting water bodies in enclosed waters, a mathematical equation based on finite element was developed. The sparse linear multi-thread parallel solving system of the group, using the sparse linear equation solver implemented on the shared memory machine provided by Intel MKL, completed the design of the high-performance finite element analysis program for surge. The theoretical solution and numerical calculation results of vertical dam failure and laboratory experimental results show that the normalized error between the theoretical value calculated by the calculation system designed in this paper and the actual value obtained from the experiment is only 5.2%~6.8% In between, it is verified that the system has rapid reliability and practical engineering significance.

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