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Innovative research of vertical video creation under the background of mobile communication



Nowadays, media forms and communication methods have changed, the scale of mobile phone users has been expanding and vertical video has become more and more popular under the background of mobile communication. In the face of the new thing of vertical screen, its communication and production methods are different from traditional video, and the presentation effect also has its own uniqueness. How video creators adapt to the new mode of dissemination and production in the vertical screen format, and how to creatively apply various mobile shooting equipment and innovative shooting techniques to create excellent vertical video works have become one of the important research topics in the field of video creation in the new era. This part of the research relies on the observation of a large number of excellent vertical screen film and television works, analyses and summarises the problems encountered in the mid-early and late stages of creation, and starts from the perspective of creation equipment, creation process, communication experience and picture composition so as to find the regularity of vertical screen creation, incorporate creative ideas and creative techniques, and explore an effective way of creation. The study also takes the grey world algorithm as an example, and the analysis emphasises the key role of computational photography in changing the imaging effect of mobile shooting equipment.

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