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Research on the driving principle and guiding strategy of the public’s collaborative supervision of the sharing economy in my country

   | 14 nov 2022


As an emerging business model and economic form, the sharing economy is a new trend to promote global economic growth in the future. Public participation is the basic condition for the prosperity and development of the sharing economy and is the basic requirement for the realisation of collaborative governance. Encouraging the public to actively participate in the collaborative supervision of my country’s sharing economy has become an inevitable requirement to improve governance efficiency and create a social governance pattern of co-construction, co-governance and sharing. First of all, this paper refers to the rapid development of my country’s sharing economy in recent years, which has also brought many negative problems. Secondly, this paper establishes a game model of sharing economy-related enterprises, regional governments and the public to drive the public’s shared economy in my country, which forms the driving principle and guiding strategy of collaborative supervision. Through research, it is concluded that the size of the initial probability is proportional to the convergence speed of the game subject’s selection strategy; different game subjects have different sensitivities to parameter changes, and the public is more sensitive to the cost and punishment of participating in innovation involving different game subjects The strategy choices between them are mutually reinforcing, and the evolutionary stable strategy is ‘active participation, supervision, active participation. Finally, the simulation experiments are used to verify the results of the tripartite game model constructed in this paper.

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