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Research on multi-dimensional optimisation design of user interface under Rhino/GH platform

   | 21 ott 2022


With the rapid development of computer science and technology, there is an increasing diversity observed in the use of electronic computers. Users browse interactive content such as text, images, audio, video, etc. The increase of the interactive interface results in a slow interface response and affects the user experience. Therefore, this paper mainly studies the user interface under the multi-dimensional optimisation of the Rhino/GH platform, and introduces the long short-term memory and gated recurrent unit algorithms in the visualisation part for optimisation; the study results suggest that the overall response time is 50% but lower than the traditional interface, and the time fluctuation is within 23.7%, which is 23.6% but lower than the traditional 47.3%. When interacting with multiple interfaces, the interaction interface optimised by the Rhino/GH platform maintains a fluctuation range within 29.2%, and the time increases by 13 ms, showing excellent stability and efficiency.

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