Global warming has a complex impact on the Scottish fishery. This research studies this impact using reported data and proposes appropriate solutions to minimise its impact. First, climate models are used to predict temperature changes over the next 50 years based on past data; from the known living temperatures for fish such as mackerel and herring, their future migration routes are predicted. Researchers note that this model is probably overly conservative, and our predictions should be considered a best-case scenario: the impact of climate change will be worse if, as expected, the pace of climate change continues to accelerate. Second, building a model to determine when fishery vessels will no longer be able to locate fish under different circumstances. Third, building economic models to determine the relationships between profits, the distances fishery vessels must travel and project these to the future. This research projects that small Scottish fishing companies will go bankrupt during the next 50 years if they do not change their business strategy.

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