Main aim of this study is to examine change of microstructural and the mechanical properties of Al-7075 alloy depending on B content added with different proportions. Rapid solidification process used to produce the alloys was carried out with a single roll melt spinner via a wheel with a rotational speed of 25 m/s. For the microstructural characterization of the alloys, a scanning electron microscope and X-ray diffraction analyzes were used. According to obtained results, it can be said that B addition led to modification of dimensions and shapes of both α−Al and intermetallic phases occurred, it reduced average grain size from 0.45 μm to 0.34 μm in the microstructure. The B addition also led to dramatically increase in microhardness of the Al-7075 alloy. The microhardness of the alloy with 0.4 wt. % B is 0.19 GPa, this is clearly one times higher than that of the alloy without B addition. The microhardness of the alloy with 1 wt. % B is 0.21 GPa, this is also slightly higher than that of the alloy with 0.4 wt. % B.

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