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The opinion of Romanian male tennis players about the importance of mental trainining



The aim of this paper is to analyze the importance of mental preparation for competition in Romanian tennis players. We collected data from 67 Romanian male tennis players (mean age: 24 years) by means of questionnaires. Thus, we applied two questionnaires: a demographic test and SCAT - Sport Competition Anxiety Test. Data were analyzed using SPSS Statistics version 20.0. The results indicate fourth aspects of the analyze: who is in charge with the mental preparation, if the athletes know the modern technics used by the specialists for the mental training for competition, the opinion about necessity of mental training and some aspects of anxiety and the strategies to combat it. The conclusions indicate that the mental preparation under the supervision of a specialist is not high practiced by the Romanian tennis players. The need for a specialist is demanded especially to control the emotions before the competition. The current practice to combat the anxiety is music listening, separation from the group, praying or respiration exercise. There is a largely need to improve this technics.

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