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Lex Orandi – Lex Vivendi? Reflections on the Interaction between Gender Justice and Liturgy after Vatican II



The article discusses the relation between liturgy, theology and social ethics, focusing particularly on gender justice and its representation in liturgy as the official worship of the Church. It argues that the way women are (not) represented within liturgy is an expression of problematic gender stereotypes which shape once more the faith and the social engagement of the Church and its believers.

First, the text contends that the Second Vatican Council acknowledged the implementation of gender justice as an important mission of the church. However, it is precisely the liturgy of the church that reveals a severe underrepresentation of women and highly problematic gender stereotypes, which is exemplarily illustrated by the saints remembered, the texts read and the way women are (not) allowed to preside over liturgical worship. Finally, possible paths towards a more inclusive liturgy, through the implementation of gender justice within the church and society will be presented.

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