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Qualitative analysis of irregular fields delivered with dual electron multileaf collimator: A Monte Carlo study



The use of a dual electron multileaf collimator (eMLC) to collimate therapeutic electron beam without the use of cutouts has been previously shown to be feasible. Further Monte Carlo simulations were performed in this study to verify the nature and appearance of the isodose distribution in water phantom of irregular electron beams delivered by the eMLC. Electron fields used in this study were selected to reflect those used in electron beam therapy. Results of this study show that the isodose distribution in a water phantom obtained from the simulation of irregular electron beams through the eMLC conforms to the pattern of the eMLC used in the delivery of the beam. It is therefore concluded that the dual eMLC could deliver isodose distributions reflecting the pattern of the eMLC field that was used in the delivery of the beam.

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