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The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Innovative Work Behavior for Sports Services in Tourism Enterprises



The innovative behavior of individuals in the workplace is the foundation of any high-performance organization, and thus a study on the factors that motivate or enable individuals’ innovative behavior is critical (Scott, & Bruce, 1994). Therefore, the aim of this research was to find the relationship between organizational culture and innovative work behavior (IWB) in tourism enterprises that market sports services. Considering the fact that IWB is crucial for tourism enterprises, exploring the factors that influence IWB could be beneficial. Correlation analysis revealed that IWB was found to be significantly correlating with cooperativeness (r=0.442, p<0.05), innovativeness (r=0.510, p<0.05), consistency (r=0.522, p<0.05), and effectiveness (r=0.554, p<0.05). Additionally, stepwise regression analysis, which was conducted to discover whether organizational culture predicts IWB, showed a significant model: F(2-131)=33.775, p<0.05. The model explained 33% of the variance in IWB (Adjusted R2=0.33). In general, our findings suggest that there is a relationship between organizational culture and IWB and that organizational culture significantly predicts IWB. As IWB is crucial for the enhanced performance and success of any organization, organizational culture should be organized in order to encourage employees in terms of IWB.