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Nonlinear Convergence Algorithm: Structural Properties with Doubly Stochastic Quadratic Operators for Multi-Agent Systems



This paper proposes nonlinear operator of extreme doubly stochastic quadratic operator (EDSQO) for convergence algorithm aimed at solving consensus problem (CP) of discrete-time for multi-agent systems (MAS) on n-dimensional simplex. The first part undertakes systematic review of consensus problems. Convergence was generated via extreme doubly stochastic quadratic operators (EDSQOs) in the other part. However, this work was able to formulate convergence algorithms from doubly stochastic matrices, majorization theory, graph theory and stochastic analysis. We develop two algorithms: 1) the nonlinear algorithm of extreme doubly stochastic quadratic operator (NLAEDSQO) to generate all the convergent EDSQOs and 2) the nonlinear convergence algorithm (NLCA) of EDSQOs to investigate the optimal consensus for MAS. Experimental evaluation on convergent of EDSQOs yielded an optimal consensus for MAS. Comparative analysis with the convergence of EDSQOs and DeGroot model were carried out. The comparison was based on the complexity of operators, number of iterations to converge and the time required for convergences. This research proposed algorithm on convergence which is faster than the DeGroot linear model.

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