In the 21st century, numerous complex challenges in education and health care have come to the fore, among them: 1) how to implement the ecological approach in the education process and health care practice; 2) how to implement study programmes in line with the education trends for sustainable development and the process of formation and development of the ecological competence.

The results of this research refer only to the content analysis of the essays written by the first and second year students of the programs in Nursing and Medicine on completing the study course The Ecological Approach in Patient Care. To increase the credibility and validity of the obtained results of the content analysis, the triangulation method has been applied to include quantitative and qualitative data. The research has looked into the concept of ecology, its application and importance in developing the ecological consciousness of students during their transformation from I-Ego to I-Eco in the process of developing their ecological competence (Salīte, 1998).

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