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Green Care: Machbarkeitsstudie zur Tagesbetreuung für SeniorInnen am Bauernhof / Green Care: Feasibility study of day care for elderly people on farms



Due to developments like the ongoing structural change in agriculture and forestry as well as the demographic shift, the Austrian agricultural sector and the Austrian health care system are both facing dramatic challenges in the future. Green Care day care for elderly people could be one possible approach to meet structural and financial challenges of agricultural, health and social developments. In particular, Green Care allows female farmers with a social basic education to step into self-employment. In order to evaluate the feasibility of Green Care in Austria, reference projects in the Netherlands are compared with local conditions. The comparison was done by use of qualitative interviews with experts in Austria and the Netherlands. Green Care day care is not an appropriate option for all farms. It is one useful alternative for some individual agricultural and forestry companies if specific requirements are fulfilled.

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