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Impact of Selected Properties of Raw Material on Quality Features of Granular Fertilizers Obtained from Digestates and ASH Mixtures



The paper presents the results of research, the objective of which was to determine the impact of particle size distribution and density of digestates and ash on density and tensile strength of granular fertilizer obtained from mixtures of these substrates. Particle size distribution, absolute density, envelope density and porosity of substrates were determined. Granular fertilizers were made of clean substrates and their mixtures. Envelope density of the obtained granulates was within 0.81 - 1.88 g⋅cm-3. The determined compaction degree was within 3.65 - 10.12. While, the compaction index IS of granulates made of mixtures was within 0.5 - 0.55 and was lower in comparison to IS of granulates from digestates (0.6) and ash (0.76).