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Amplitude-Energy Parameters of Acoustic Radiation with Composite Properties Changing and Mises Destruction



The main problem with using acoustic emission to control and diagnostics of composite materials and products from composite materials is the interpretation and identification of recorded information during development processes occurring in the material’s structure. This is due to the high sensitivity of the acoustic emission method to various influencing factorsand the practical absence of acoustic radiation models. To solve this problem, it is necessary to determine the influence of various factors on acoustic radiation parameters. In this study, based on the acoustic radiation developed model we simulate the influence of one parameter characterizing composite properties on acoustic emission energy parameters during composite material destruction by shear forces according to the von Mises criterion. Simulation of acoustic radiation under given conditions makes it possible to determine the patterns of acoustic emission signals energy parameters changes and their sensitivity to changes of influencing factor, as well as to obtain mathematical expressions for describing obtained patterns. The results of this case study can be useful for developing methods of control, monitoring and diagnostics of composite materials and products made from composite materials.