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30 Apr 2019
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Volume 10 (2019): Issue 2 (August 2019)
Migration and Those Left Behind

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This collection of studies considers the impact of migration in the Global South on those who do not migrate: children, partners, and families left behind; sending communities; and national economies. In so doing, it speaks to continuing research and policy discussions on the ‘migration-development nexus’ and the role of migrants and migrant networks as development agents. While South-South migration today exceeds South-North migration, much of the related literature has dealt with the latter. In focusing on migration within the Global South, including movements within as well as between countries, the present collection offers new targeted consideration of Southern migration in these processes. The studies in this collection draw on a variety of cases, including focused consideration of evidence from Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia. Guest Editors: Rachel Gisselquist and Finn Tarp

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