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Results of beetles (Coleoptera) survey of Zástudánčí National Nature Reserve (Central Moravia) 2008 - part 1

   | 14 juil. 2011
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During the beetles survey of Zástudánčí National Nature Reserve (Central Moravia), 3585 specimens belonging to 857 species from 64 families were recorded. Faunistic data of 23 of them (Haliplidae, Dytiscidae, Carabidae, Hydrophilidae, Histeridae, Hydraenidae, Ptiliidae, Leiodidae, Scydmaenidae, Silphidae, Staphylinidae, Lucanidae, Geotrupidae, Scarabaeidae, Buprestidae, Cerophytidae, Eucnemidae, Throscidae, Elateridae, Drilidae, Lycidae, Lampyridae, and Cantharidae) are presented. Presenting data represent 2191 specimens belonging to 456 species. Critically endangered species (according to Red list of theatened species in the Czech Republic - Invertebrates) Negastrius pulchellus and N. sabulicola (Elateridae) and Cerophytum elateroides (Cerophytidae) were recorded.

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