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This paper presents a simplified system for measuring geometric profiles of end mills. Firstly, a CCD camera was used to capture images of cutting tools. Then, an image acquisition card with the encoding function was adopted to convert the source of image into an USB port of a PC, and the image could be shown on a monitor. In addition, two linear scales were mounted on the X-Y table for positioning and measuring purposes. The signals of the linear scales were transmitted into a 4-axis quadrature encoder with 4-channel counter card for position monitoring. The C++ Builder was utilized for designing the user friendly human machine interface of the measuring system of tools. There is a cross line on the image of the interface to show a coordinate for the position measurement. Finally, a well-known tool measuring and inspection machine was employed for the measuring standard. This study compares the difference of the measuring results by using the machine and the proposed system. Experimental results show that the percentage of measuring error is acceptable for some geometric parameters of the square or ball nose end mills. Therefore, the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented approach.

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