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Preparation and evaluation of an ispaghula based directly compressible matrixing agent for controlled release

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The objective of the present investigation was to prepare and evaluate an ispaghula husk based directly compressible (DC) adjuvant that can be used as matrixing agent using an agglomeration technique. Addition of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose was found necessary to improve cohesion. Lactose (X1), calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate (X2) and Avicel PH101 (X3), used along with ispaghula in preparation of agglomerates, were selected as three independent variables in a simplex lattice design affecting compressional and dissolution characteristics of the drug from the DC adjuvant. The agglomerates were evaluated for their flow properties. Tablets were prepared using 70% agglomerates and 30% acetaminophen, a poorly compressible drug, and were subjected to in vitro drug release study. Amounts of the drug released at the end of 60 min (Y60), 300 min (Y300) and 480 min (Y480) were selected as dependent variables in a simplex lattice design. Batch IH05 that contained lactose and calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate in a 1:2 ratio could control the release for 12 hours and thus form the basis for twice a-day-dosing.

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