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Squash is a complex sport between two players (singles) or between four players (doubles), who use special racquets to alternatively strike a rubber ball in a four-walled court with a dedicated layout; by practicing this sport, an individual may gain a number of benefits: squash optimizes the overall state of health, improves coordination, flexibility, agility and speed of reaction, develops the capacity to concentrate and the attention span, fosters a competitive spirit, reduces stress levels, increases the resistance to effort and constitutes an activity that may successfully counteract sedentariness and obesity. Furthermore, squash is a means by which one may socialize and strengthen interpersonal relations. Taking into account that, even though squash is not extensively known in Romania, it is on the rise both from the point of view of the number of people who practice it and from the perspective of institutional organization. In order to accelerate the promotion of squash both on a national and on a regional level, a qualitative research has been conducted among squash players in Timisoara. The purpose of this research is to identify the reasons which determine one to practice squash and the interest dedicated by those who practice squash to competitions.

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