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Gyroplanes, as ultralight aircraft, are popular transport vehicles recently. Ultralight aircraft flights take place at a low altitude – their noise is not without effect on people and nature. The localization of the sources of noise and a possibility to decrease the noise of an gyroplane are described in this paper. The rules of design and exploitation of gyroplanes do not define the limits of emitted noise.

Gyroplanes are not noisy aircraft vehicles but for their silencing the knowledge about the sources and frequency range of noise is necessary. The goal of the conducted measurement was to determine the gyro-plane noise properties and the noise measurement methods. The evaluation of the noise sources was made by acoustic beamforming and the directional emission with single microphones at various engine speeds.

The supplement of these tests should be the rotor noise measurement but that investigation should be performed on a special stand, on which the rotor propulsion noise would not disturb the measurement.

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