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Alternative Methods of Financing Humanitarian Crises. Crowdfunding

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There is a continuous increase in the number of humanitarian crises around the world. The number of armed conflicts and attacks on civilians is increasing at an alarming rate. Natural disasters compounded by climate change and population growth are also occurring more frequently and with increasing intensity. Given that over 60 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide, prolonged forced displacement has become the biggest humanitarian, development, political and economic challenge. The needs are increasingly outweighing resources, and humanitarian aid and civil protection are becoming increasingly complex.

Funds for humanitarian aid come from the budgets of individual countries. In situations of severe crisis, other state authorities may also decide to grant humanitarian aid from the funds at their disposal. In addition, there are many options for providing humanitarian aid. The purpose of the article is to present methods as crowdfunding for financing humanitarian crises that do not belong to state funds. Most often they come from community collections or projects where more people are involved. It must be admitted, however, that this assistance still seems disproportionately small in relation to the needs.

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