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Hardening Accelerators (X-Seed 100 BASF, PCC, LKD and SALT) as Strength-Enhancing Admixture Solutions for Soil Stabilization

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This study is aimed at evaluating the strength of stabilised soil collected from the Port of Norvik, Stockholm, Sweden, where 350,000 m3 of clay had to be stabilized. The tests were performed in the laboratory of the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI). The soil was stabilised by binder mixtures using Portland cement clinker (PCC) and lime and lime kiln dust (LKD). Accelerators (X-seed 100 BASF, PCC, LKD and salt) were added to the soil samples for quicker stabilization. The strength of the stabilised soil was assessed using resonance frequency measurements of seismic P-waves by an ICP accelerometer in order to estimate the shear strength of the soil and to evaluate the effects from the accelerators, binder ratios, and the curing temperature on the gains in stabilization and strength. Various proportions of the binders were tested, i.e.: 50/50 cement/lime and 50/50 PCC/lime. The temperature was measured using a calorimeter in double experiments. The results showed that the accelerators improve the strength in the stabilized specimens and enhance the soil performance for engineering construction work.

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