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Wooden trusses are a very specific object for measurement. They are often very complex and hard to reach; they are characterized by narrow spaces and low-lighting conditions. In recent years, laser scanning technology was mostly used for this task, because of its contactless nature, the possibility of measurement in the dark, and the robustness of the resulting 3D point clouds. Photogrammetry was mostly used in special cases, e.g., for the measurement of a few selected truss components, but not for the 3D modelling of an entire truss. However, the progress in computer vision algorithms is allowing us to accomplish image-based-modelling on very complex objects. The following contribution compares the point clouds of a wooden truss generated by the leading photogrammetry systems with a point cloud from laser scanning. The results confirm the interesting potential of actual photogrammetric methods in the modelling of complex objects such as wooden trusses.

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