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Thermal consolidation of porous medium with a rheological kelvin–voigt skeleton

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This study presents calculations results of thermal consolidation process of the porous medium with the rheological Kelvin-Voigt skeleton, obtained numerically with the use of Flex.PDE software. The investigated calculation scheme consisted of the porous column filled with a liquid. The vertical load was applied to the top surface of the column through a porous plate allowing the free flow of liquid through this surface. Numerical solution is based on compression of the sample at appropriately defined boundary conditions. The aim of this study was to describe the influence of external load and temperature gradient on the deformation tests progress at different values of three parameters: λ, rs and cv. The results obtained, in the context of further research, can also be used for the determination of the influence of other parameters of the state and model parameters on the process of thermo poroelasticity of Biot model with rheological skeleton.

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