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It-Related Anglicisms in der Spiegel: A Semantic Analysis

À propos de cet article


The paper endeavours to semantically scrutinize anglicisms in Der Spiegel in the specialist field of IT. It was attempted to establish if, and to what extent, the anglicisms alter their meaning in the borrowing process. The article focuses on randomly selected anglicisms in IT-related texts in Der Spiegel, for both the newspaper and the domain are deemed to have been the most prolific in terms of English borrowings. The objective of this comparative study is to arrive at certain general tendencies governing the semantic treatment of English words in German. The paper constitutes merely an excerpt from the research on IT-related anglicisms, and may well serve as a basis for further research, on the grounds that alongside the development of ICT, languages need new names for concepts. Therefore, it is by all means prudent and instructive to delve into the tendencies governing the way anglicisms permeate into the German language.