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Purchase and sale transactions of products and services include trade. Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is expressed as the realization of this process in electronic area. Today, e-commerce has been considered as one of the new trends of international trade. E-commerce offers individuals and businesses more product options with lower prices, allows them saving time, making payments faster and delivering products to long distances in a short time. In this study, the effect of per capita GDP in Turkey and EU countries on e-commerce has been investigated by using panel data analysis through the annual data of period between 2007 and 2019. Moreover the rate of internet usage and employment rate by education level have been added the study as the other independent variables that affect e-commerce. Empirical results demonstrate that a 1% increase in GDP per capita causes a rise of 7.29% on e-commerce. Also there is a significant and positive relationship between employment and e-commerce according to per capita GDP, internet usage rate and education level.