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Permeability of N, P, K-fertilizer nutrient and water vapor through PLA, PLA/PS, and PLA/HA membranes

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To collect permeability data and establish its database of fertilizer nutrients and water vapor through different polymer membranes for the development of polymer-coated fertilizer, the permeabilities of N-, P-, and K-nutrient from saturated aqueous of urea, NaH2PO4 and KCl solution and the permeability of water vapor through the membranes of poly lactic acid (PLA), its blends with polystyrene (PS), and its composites with humic acid (HA) particles were determined experimentally at the temperatures of 288, 298, and 308 K, respectively. The effects of the addition of PS and HA particles, temperature, and coating thickness on the permeability of fertilizer nutrient and water vapor were investigated. It was found that the addition of PS and HA increased the permeability for both the fertilizer nutrients and water vapor. The increase in temperature raised the permeability of N-, P-, and K-nutrient while decrease the permeability of water vapor in the range studied.

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