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Involvement of Generation Z in the Communication Activities of Clothing Brands in Social Media — The Case of Poland

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Communication activities in social media have a direct impact on shaping consumer behavior, in particular among the youngest group of consumers — Generation Z. This paper analyzes young Polish consumers’ interactions with fast-fashion brands on social networking platforms, focusing on their motives for engaging with fashion brands’ communication activities on such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. It presents the empirical findings of a quantitative, pencil-and-paper questionnaire survey carried out among a representative sample of 1000 high-school and university students (representatives of Generation Z) in Poznań, Poland, regarding their perceptions of the profiles of fast-fashion clothing brands on selected social media sites. Principle Component Analysis was used to identify the critical factors determining the involvement of Polish Generation Z representatives in clothing brand profiles (active involvement in the clothing brand profile, observation for measurable benefits and brand loyalty), the main assumptions held by survey participants regarding the clothing brands’ motives for being present and active on social media platforms (image/sales goals and cognitive goals) and two groups of the “best” social media activities conducted by clothing brands (entertainment activities and information activities).