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The Business Process of Small and Medium Portuguese Family Businesses: A Reindustrialization Case Study

Publié en ligne: 31 May 2022
Volume & Edition: Volume 13 (2021) - Edition 4 (December 2021)
Pages: 96 - 130
Reçu: 10 Sep 2021
Accepté: 01 Mar 2022
Détails du magazine
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25 Apr 2014
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Objective: To understand, through a concrete case study, the management process of small and medium-sized Portuguese family businesses in the face of the phenomenon of reindustrialization in Europe. In this case study we show how a company can react to the process by adopting a new management model, despite the factory being almost inactive for several years. The final idea is to demonstrate that this is a new reindustrialization movement, which does not perform in the same way as in the past.

Methodology: Considering that we want an innovative and continuously learning organization, we intend to develop from a theoretical point of view the European Foundation for Quality model (EFQM) and then apply the improvement and management actions in each one of its aspects in order to promote and evaluate permanent and continuous improvement. For this proposal we use the change and organizational development method.

Findings: Leadership is a topic with particular importance in this process of transformation, and in this case in particular, through changes in the shareholder body, generational changes and especially by the inclusion of the professional management team, for the improvement of the key performance indicators, including the EFQM score.

Value Added: The implementation of a management model will lead management to a leadership style conducive to value creation and results in terms of quality, and human and financial capital based on effective organizational performance.

Recommendations: Phased implementation, with the creation and development of pilot areas, is particularly beneficial to an organization’s culture, and also for engaging people via the cascading communication process.


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