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Effect of Vicia sativa L. on Motility, Mortality and Expression Levels of hsp Genes in J2 Stage of Meloidogyne hapla

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Assuming that the seeds of Vicia sativa L. have a stressful effect on J2 stage Meloidogyne hapla, we undertook research on the effect of these seeds on the motility and mortality of J2 and determined the expression levels of selected hsp genes in J2. The assessment of the effect of V. sativa seeds on the motility of M. hapla specimens consisted of observing the movement of J2 immersed in a seed diffusate or in a tomato root filtrate at temperatures of 10, 17, and 21°C. In J2 treated with V. sativa (cv. Ina) seed diffusates, the expression level of hsp genes was determined by qPCR. J2 exposed to V. sativa diffusates were found to lose their motility, while their mortality did not exceed 30%. J2 in the seed diffusate were characterized by an increase in the expression levels of the Mh-hsp90, Mh-hsp1, and Mh-hsp43 genes. It is suggested that the hsp90 gene may be a potential bioindicator of the environmental impact on Meloidogyne nematodes. The impaired ability to move in J2 of M. hapla is attributable to the occurrence of V. sativa seeds in their habitat. These studies may contribute to developing methods of reducing crop damage caused by M. hapla.

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