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Supervision, One of the Main Aspects in Social Work in Georgia

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This article aims to describe the origin and development of supervision in Georgia, especially in the sector of social workers whose services are focused on the needs of people in difficulty. We will also talk about how training programs and providers (supervisors) are organized today. The intervention of supervisors in social work is very recent in Georgia, but it is notable that it has already impacted in a positive way, which statistics are shown in the article. The information is important for practicing supervisors, those in training, as well as those considering training, and also for those who would simply like to know more about the subject. Currently, scientific and statistical publications on the supervision of social workers in Georgia are quite scarce. We are interested, from a comparative and international perspective, in how supervision is developing in Georgia and where it stands today. The following description presents, from an outside observation, the result of research, statistical data, and interviews carried out with social workers, as well as with the group of supervisors of The LEPL Agency for state Сare and assistance for the (statutory) victims of human trafficking of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

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