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Analysis of an inverted square SRR via design of experiment (DoE) approach

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A design of experiment (DoE) study is presented based on an investigation of the influences of the chosen geometric parameters of an Inverted Square Split Ring Resonator on its resonance frequency. A statistical software was used to determine DoE steps and the values of chosen geometrical parameters for the experiments. The determined experiments were carried out by making simulations with electromagnetic design software. The resonator simulation outputs were analyzed by using normality tests and tools of the statistical software. By using these analyses, mainly a 2-level full factorial DoE approach, the effects of the geometrical parameters (input factors), and their interactions on the resonance frequency (response factor) were presented. In the light of our findings, this study proposes a promising path for microwave studies with several advantages such as being able to understand the dynamics of an optimized RF resonator device system, designing these kinds of devices with a few experiments, and increasing the time efficiency via reducing the number of attempts.

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