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Prominent factors of etrepreneurial self-efficacy in West Java: comparison between men and women entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy (ESE) is important for entrepreneurs to build and maintain their business. The research purposes are to delve more about the components of ESE in West Java and the difference of these components between men and women entrepreneurs. West Java is one of province in Indonesia (Developing Country) that has high growth of High School and Medium Enterprises (SME’s). This study used quantitative approached. A questionnaire was spread to 52 entrepreneurs in West Java for gathering data. Soft Modelling method named Partial Least Square was used in this study. Predictors of ESE are Entrepreneurial Knowledge, Entrepreneurial Experiences, Instrumental Readiness, Risk Propensity. Findings will be discussed deeply in discussion section of this study. The result of this study confirm the prominent factors that influence ESE positively and how each factor affect men and women entrepreneurs

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