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Attitudes and Evaluations of the Teachers Towards Distance Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

   | 14 juin 2022
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This study aims to identify the attitudes and evaluations of the teachers towards distance education which has become compulsory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both the attitudes towards distance education and the evaluations regarding this application and process were taken with an online survey prepared in this context. The authors have reached the teachers with the help of various applications and collected the data. The study was performed under the mixed method. It has been determined that the teachersí attitudes towards distance education were negative. This study also examines how teachersí attitudes towards distance education differ according to various parameters and it was found that only the teachers with previous distance education experience have a positive attitude. Apart from these, the views of the teachers were also questioned by various means. It was found out that the teachers have both positive and negative attitudes and evaluations, and suggestions were developed in this regard.

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