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Edu-Tensegrity: An Expanded Integration of 21st Century Education

   | 30 déc. 2021
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The central concept within this research work is Edu-tensegrity. It is the foundation of the Heasly Thinking Skills System and uses a geodesic dome as a refreshed visual depiction of the many varied elements in the whole world of education, given paradigm changes within lived experience of 21st century education. This system uses a disciplined use of the art of Questioning, a ‘ME’ diagram, a fully explained process of decision-making, and finally a detailed diagram called the HUG/BUG for application of personally chosen behaviours. This paper explains the integrated connections of education concepts with similar knowledge content from other relevant academic disciplines. The aim allows for the academic support of teachers and lecturers as these paradigm changes are affected, relying on resilience and the authentic projects of our research communities, who are central to the concept of Edu-tensegrity. Edu-tensegrity is central to the twin concepts of Sustainability and Securitability, adding to the educational philosophy of this journal, and cementing the changing landscape of 21st century education in a time of pandemic and change.

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