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Distribution and abundance of the Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris in an urbanised environment

   | 11 mars 2015
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In late autumn 2004, 160 dreys were found in all parks in Wroclaw (N=21 parks), i.e. 2.8 dreys per 10 ha. In the same period, 145 squirrels, grouped in 69 families, were counted in all these parks (1.23 families per 10 ha). The mean group size (including records of single squirrels) was 1.93 (SD = 1.04; N = 157). The density estimate based on this (number of dreys/mean number of dreys per group) shall be 1.40 families per 10 ha, therefore close to the value based on the number of squirrels counted. Squirrels were most common (64% of all squirrels recorded in parks) in largest parks located c. 2-7 km from the city centre. In forests (N = 12), squirrels density was much lower than in parks (0.1-0.3 families per 10 ha).

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