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Recent Findings of the Epiphytic Mosses from Orthotrichaceae Family in Zlatohorská Vrchovina Highlands (Silesia, Czech Republic)

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The article presents results of bryofloristic survey focused on the epiphytic mosses from Orthotrichaceae family in the area of Zlatohorská vrchovina highlands (NE part of the Czech Republic), which was carried out from September to November 2013. During the research the number of 527 specimens was recorded in 187 localities. The presence of 13 taxa from the Orthotrichaceae family was proved. More specifically, 1 species from the genus Nyhomiella, 9 species and 1 variety from the genus Orthotrichum and 2 species from the genus Ulota. Two taxa, Orthotrichum patens and O. affine var. bohemicum, were recorded in the study area for the first time.

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