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Caring about The Caregivers: Challenges for Female Caregivers in Lithuanian and Estonian Labour Law

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While considerable efforts are being made to consolidate and implement the principle of gender equality, the gender pay gap remains a real problem. One of the reasons for this gap is the traditional role of women in caring for children and other relatives. By devoting a significant part of their time to the unpaid care function, women have fewer opportunities to participate in employment relationships. This leads to women’s poorer financial situation, limited career opportunities, and a higher risk of poverty in old age. Therefore, both at the EU and national level, there has been a search for optimal ways to enable female caregivers to remain in the labour market and ensure their income levels. This article provides an overview of the situation of female caregivers and the legal measures taken by Lithuania and Estonia (both EU Member States) to improve the situation of women performing unpaid care functions in labour relationships.

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