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Ethnomycological research in the field of wild mushrooms and medicinal plants

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During the recent years, there is an increased interest in the problems of wild mushrooms and medicinal plants in all over the world. An intensive research is currently performed in order to further clarify the peculiarities of numerous edible, toxic and cultivated wild mushrooms and medicinal plants. Both traditional and contemporary knowledge of the population is assessed by means of a variety of ethnomycological and ethnobotanical methods. The manners of usage by the population of wild edible mushroom and medicinal plants are intensively studied in many countries, too. In the present review article, the results from some recent investigations by Bulgarian and foreign authors devoted to the knowledge and use of some popular wild mushrooms and medicinal plants are summarized. The necessity for the intensification of the collaborative ethnomycological and ethnobotanical research in Europe is outlined.

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