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Allergenic potential of Platanus L. species in urban environment

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The species of the genus Platanus L. are widely used in urban green infrastructure in Bulgaria and abroad, but are proven to be a serious source of allergen pollen emissions. The number of people, affected by pollinosis, is increasing every year and this affects the world economy and health of the population in a high level. The pollen of the plane tree is light, very small and spreads anemophilically. This is one of the genera that produce the largest amount of pollen per inflorescence. This makes Platanus a tree of a high allergy potential that has the tendence to get higher in time, because of its increasing use in urban green spaces. The aim of this study is to collect data for allergy potential of the three species of plane tree in some of the European countries, where the allergy is a significant problem, and to compare the sensitization of patients to its pollen in Bulgaria.

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