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Research on urban landscape big data information processing system based on ordinary differential equations

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In view of the increasing system management requirements of garden landscapes in the construction of smart cities, this paper combines ordinary differential equations with big data and other information technologies. Design ideas of smart city garden big data information management and display system under differential equation. By analyzing the research literature, combined with space syntax, network text analysis and other methods, the theoretical framework of urban landscape planning method based on ordinary differential equations based on big data is constructed, and the aspect planning of urban garden landscape information management module, three-dimensional display module and recommendation module is determined. content. The experimental results show that the user interaction rate when using the system of this paper for information management of urban gardens shows a significant upward trend compared with the traditional system, and the average user interaction rate is higher than 40%. The application of ordinary differential equations and big data technology guides participatory planning and promotes the improvement of the information management level of smart city garden landscape. The designed information processing system has higher user experience and comfort.

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