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Demonstration of application program of logistics public information management platform based on fuzzy constrained programming mathematical model

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As the main development direction of the new era, it not only makes rational use of modern technology and information resources, but also optimizes the overall level of urban logistics planning, construction and management. Now, with the continuous improvement of residents’ living standards, it has gradually become the focus of attention. The difference between the Internet of Things and the digital city’s public information platform based on the comprehensive perception of urban information resources allows in-depth exploration and analysis, and ultimately improves the overall urban logistics construction management service level. On the basis of understanding the current scientific research results and public information management platform construction experience, starting from the construction of the current public information management platform, based on the information cloud service architecture, verify and analyze the operation of the public information management platform of the information cloud service architecture. Can lay the foundation for construction. From the perspective of logistics, this paper makes an in-depth exploration of the uncertainty of production and customer demand in public system management, and gives a mathematical model of fuzzy constrained programming combined with the characteristics of the information cloud structure to solve the detailed aspects of the system at a higher level.

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