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Research on composite dynamic disaster prevention and control system of mine earthquake and shock in thick and hard rock mines

   | 23 déc. 2022
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With the rapid entry into deep mining of coal mines in China, the impact composite dynamic disaster of thick and hard layer mines and mine earthquakes has increasingly become a major disaster that threatens the safe and efficient mining of deep coal. Studying its occurrence mechanism, disaster prevention and control system has become a new major scientific issue in the field of coal mine safety. This paper proposes a framework for a composite dynamic disaster prevention and control system framework for thick and hard rock mines. First, the gravity forms, extents and deformation characteristics of different rock layers of the structural model are analysed, and the expressions of concentrated force and periodic breaking step distance of rock beams in thick and hard rock layers at the fixed support end are deduced. Then, according to the cause of the shock composite dynamic disaster, finally, the specific testing and calculation methods of mine earthquakes in thick hard rock mines are designed. The regional and local measures to manage compound dynamic disasters are put forward. Experiments show that the system is successfully applied to the mining practice of working face, and the results of water conservancy and stress monitoring support the rationality of the system. And through the implementation of impact prevention and control measures, the safety and disaster prevention and control of the working face was finally realised.

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