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Research on the post-purchase behaviour tendency of the product quality to customers in fast-selling marketing

   | 12 sept. 2022
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Based on an analysis of the influence of the quality of fast-selling products on customers’ shopping behaviour, this paper discusses the research on the influence of various factors on customers’ shopping behaviour. According to modern scientific methods and literature, theoretical research and social factor analysis, from three angles, namely corporate image, product/service image, and consumer image, six important indicators, such as corporate image, product style and value, consumer characteristics, user’s buying feeling, corporate philosophy and corporate values, are determined, which are the key factors that influence people’s choice behaviour. Considering the key factors in the quality of fast-selling products and the weight of their influence on users’ choice behaviour, according to the development trend of the fast-selling-product industry, this paper provides appropriate guidance on shaping and ensuring the quality of enterprises’ products. Suggestions on image-building and maintenance of fast-selling products are as follows: the image-building of fast-selling products must pay attention to quality, the shaping of brand culture and the practice of brand image communication management.

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