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Badminton players’ trajectory under numerical calculation method

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The trajectory tracking of badminton players’ arm shots can be used effectively to enhance the player’s shot quality. To track the image trajectory of the batting arm, it is necessary to calculate the body posture ratio and tightness of the target area of the batting arm, to filter the background interference of the image segment of the batting and to complete the efficient tracking of the trajectory of the arm batting image. The traditional method combines the adaptive threshold segmentation method to extract the hitting arm target from the background, but ignores filtering out the background interference of the hitting image fragment. This paper proposes a trajectory tracking method based on the morphological operator of the batter image of the arm stroke. The method consists of (1) differentially calculating the image sequence of the hitting arm during two consecutive shots, (2) estimating the Gaussian model parameters of the differential image of the hitting arm during the hitting process, (3) extracting the outline of the moving target of the hitting arm during the hitting process and then calculating the body posture ratio of the hitting target area and compactness, (4) filtering the background interference of the shot image fragment, (6) constructing a global matching approximation function of the moving target and (7) finally determining the motion trajectory of the badminton arm of the batter. Simulation results show that the proposed method can effectively track the target of the hitting arm during the hitting process and generate a continuous trajectory of the hitting arm.

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