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Application of regression function model based on panel data in bank resource allocation financial risk management

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Based on the traditional form of the endogenous growth model, and for it to increase the micro-foundation that includes the homogeneous and representative bank resource allocation, this paper constructs an endogenous economic growth model that includes the investment structure of the residential sector and financial deepening. Using China’s prefecture-level data proves that due to the inherent difference between the central planner’s single equilibrium solution and the family’s decentralised equilibrium solution, when the residential sector’s preference for real estate investment causes the investment structure to deviate from the optimal level of society, the increase in the proportion of real estate investment The allocation efficiency of financial resources has a significant inhibitory effect and drags down the realisation of long-term potential economic growth. In the absence of a central planner in a market economy, increasing leverage may not mean financial deepening, but may reduce financial efficiency (FEt) and accumulate systemic financial risks.

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