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The transfer of stylised artistic images in eye movement experiments based on fuzzy differential equations

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In many aspects of people's production and life, artistic images have been widely used. Because the image has the function of transmitting information, it can provide necessary space environment information for people. However, there are many problems in the design of stylised art images, and hence the usability of images is affected. Due to its unique advantages, the study of artistic eye movement has gradually become a research hotspot. The fuzzy differential equation is an important branch of differential equation theory, which can be used to study eye movement experiments in the field of the art research. In the process of observation, experiment and maintenance, errors cannot be avoided, and the variables and parameters obtained are often fuzzy, incomplete and inaccurate. And fuzzy differential equations can deal with these uncertainties well. At first, this paper studies the migration-image-study-related theory and art image, based on the study of an artistic image that can be divided into instructions image and symbol and image, with the help of eye movement experiment method to investigate the effects of two types of image on people read mechanism. This research mainly uses the fuzzy differential equation for the visual search experimental paradigm to identify the influence of the difference of the effect.

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