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Root canal treatment of a maxillary first premolar with three root canals – a case report

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Introduction: The basis of endodontic therapy comprises the identification, proper preparation and filling of root canals. Particular attention should be paid when treating teeth with an atypical anatomy, i.e., with more canals than the average for a given tooth group. For example, the first premolars of the maxilla are typically two-canal teeth, but three-canal forms can also be observed.

The aim of the study is to describe a case of root canal treatment of tooth 14 with 3 canals and the use of volumetric imaging at the diagnostic stage.

Materials and methods: Root canal treatment of tooth 14 with 3 root canals was performed. Therapy was preceded with a tomographic scan, which revealed the presence of 3 canals. The canals were prepared and filled using the magnification of the operating microscope.

Results: Controls taken immediately after treatment and 8 years later showed correct root canal filling and no pathological symptoms.

Conclusions: The knowledge of the atypical anatomy of the teeth and the possibility of implementing modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods significantly contributes to the success of the treatment.

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