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Introduction: The aim of this work was to assess the situation of people with moderate intellectual disability (MID), considering the legal, political, economic, social and technological determinants (PEST factors).

Materials and methods: This work consisted of an in-depth legal analysis based on the Community Action Board (CAB) model, which is a part of the Rapid Policy Assessment and Response (RPAR) methodology. Having analyzed the PEST factors, as part of the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), the CAB identified the strengths and weaknesses of the situations of persons with MID.

Results: The following deficiencies were identified in the provisioning of legal and political assistance to persons with MID: disability definitions were incompatible with international law, lack of legal provisions comprehensively regulating the situation of persons with intellectual disability (ID), two-instance disability evaluation system, lack of sufficient coordination of state bodies, lack of supervision over decisions on the need for special education, poor employment opportunities after completing education. Optimal conditions for education in a special school have a positive impact on the situation of persons with MID, but their lack in a public school setting proves to have adverse effects. The most important forms of support include: places of daily stay, sheltered employment, supported employment on the open labor market, protected flats, support from an assistant.

Conclusions: 1. The deficiencies in legal and political regulations in Poland make it difficult or impossible for persons with MID to receive adequate assistance. 2. Investing in special schools and ensuring their formal cooperation with public schools offers adequate education to persons with MID. 3. Poor access to special forms of support for people with MID causes their social exclusion.

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